Fortegra European Operations

Powerful products, superior services, and an enhanced customer experience that goes beyond the competition. Fortegra’s consumer products and underwriting capabilities can help you and your customers Experience More.

Now, with the introduction of our EU-based subsidiary Fortegra Europe Insurance Company Limited (FEIC Ltd.), we’re doing business around the globe. From convenient consumer goods coverage to valuable automotive protection products, Fortegra is licensed to sell in various European Union countries including the United Kingdom and European Economic Area countries with authorisation from the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA).

Consumer Goods Protection


Home Appliances

Delivering ‘No Hassle’ coverage for household appliances, Fortegra Home Appliance Protection safeguards everyday conveniences against defects, damage, electrical failure, and more.


Consumer Electronics

From screens to machines and more, Fortegra Consumer Electronics Protection programmes help keep consumers plugged in and online, so they can keep clicking, surfing, streaming, and gaming.

Mobile Devices

Mobile Devices

With variable coverages compatible for phones and tablets, Fortegra Mobile Device Protection covers physical and liquid damage, mechanical failure, screen breakage, and more.


Furniture & Bedding

Dents, rips, stains, tears, burns, mechanical breakdown, and more—Fortegra Furniture & Bedding Protection offers cosmetic and structural coverage for furniture and beds in every room in the home.

BBQ Grill

Leisure Goods

Whether it’s a barbecue or a billiards table, Fortegra Leisure Goods Protection provides comprehensive coverage to ensure consumers enjoy rest, relaxation, and the finer things in life.


Jewellery & Heirlooms

From pricey timepieces to priceless treasures, Fortegra Jewellery Protection products preserve costly consumer keepsakes from damage, defects, and everyday wear and tear.

If you’re ready to provide valuable automotive and consumer goods protection for your customers, contact us today!

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vehicle service

Covering the unforeseen and burdensome costs of necessary auto repairs—including parts and labour—Fortegra Vehicle Service Contracts are available in multiple coverage levels for all types of vehicles.



Available for new and used personal or commercial vehicles and from periods ranging from 12 to 60 months, Fortegra’s GAP programmes can help customers recover in the event of a total vehicle loss.

Smart Protection


Scratch, dent, or scuff?  Let Fortegra Automotive programmes take care of those minor cosmetic repairs in a quick, hassle-free fashion, to get your vehicle looking brand new again.


tyre & alloy 
wheel protection

Fortegra Wheel protection programmes will repair scuffs, scrapes, or scratches on your alloy wheels, and repair your tyres, where possible, or replace them to keep you safe on the road.



Lost or damaged key? No problem. Fortegra Automotive programmes can quickly disable and replace any lost, stolen, or defective keys so customers can always get where they need to go.



Prevention, restoration, and replacement for windscreen cracks, chips, and stars. Fortegra Windscreen Repair provides consumers with quick and easy service for a clear view of the road ahead.


If you’re ready to provide valuable automotive and consumer goods protection for your customers, contact us today!

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Why Fortegra?

Looking for more than just another provider? We know the feeling. We’re not just looking for clients, agents, or resellers – we’re looking for true partners.

By working closely with you, and not just handing over these products, we find ways to continually improve your business. That’s why every Fortegra program is designed with partnership in mind, so we can help you get the real results you want for years to come.

  • Valuable consumer protection that produces additional revenue lines
  • Streamlined vertical alignment for more timely decisions
  • Training, marketing, compliance and legal support—and more


Work With Us

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you wish to submit a claim, please refer your claim to the administrator indicated on your insurance policy.

Should you have any complaint regarding our products or services, please follow the complaints procedure indicated in your insurance policy. 

Alternatively, you may contact our complaints officer via email at or by mail at FEIC Ltd., Office 13, SOHO Office The Strand, Fawwara Building, Triq l-Imsida, Gzira, GZR 1401, Malta

If your complaint is not handled or resolved to your satisfaction, you may refer your complaint to:

Office of the Arbiter for Financial Services, 1st Floor

St. Calcedonius Square

Floriana, Malta FRN1530
P: 8007 2366 or 21249245 

The Office of the Arbiter requires a final reply from Fortegra regarding your complaint before contacting them.

Fortegra operates and is authorised to transact general insurance business under Freedom of Services in the following countries:

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

Corporate Locations

Across the country and around the globe, Fortegra is helping partners and consumers Experience More!

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